Sunday, March 23, 2008

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona Bigfoot Sighting

Posted: March 23, 2008

Date: January 2001 Time: Between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.

Message: This message is to Brian Vike in response to sightings of BigFoot. And to contribute somehow to the on going research by Robert. W. Morgan.

In 2001 January, my husband and a fishing buddy were fishing in the early morning about between 4 and five am up at Roosevelt Lake which borders the Mogollon Rim. His buddy spotted it first and motioned to my husband to look . There could be no doubt to what they saw. My husband said a man about 9 feet tall and covered with dark brown hair was walking less than half a mile away perhaps 100 yards the length of a foot ball field or less above them on the ridge.

He said the creature was walking and taking huge strides. what was amazing was the Bigfoot for there was no question here, was able to cover the entire ridge in less then five minutes. also to note, there was no way for a human being to get up there as there is no ingress or egress on that ridge. Since the creature or being took huge strides unlike a human swinging it's arms and was covered in dark brown hair and was high up on this mountain ridge, they had to conclude it could not be a man . His buddy doesn't want to acknowledge it, but my husband knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the early morning strider was indeed Bigfoot. We just listened to a prior broadcast with Robert W. Morgan on Art Bell from 2001, and on that show Mr. Morgon validates that Bigfoot do reside around the Mogollon Rim in that very area where my husband was. so that really validates it for us.

Thank you very much to the people for this interesting report.

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