Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Port Renfrew Vancouver Island, British Columbia Sasquatch Sighting

Posted: July 8, 2008

Date: Summer 2004
Time: Midday.

Location of Sighting: Port Renfrew Vancouver Island
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Sasquatch.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian! I just read the post about that Sasquatch sighting in Port Renfrew; the same thing happened to me in the summer of 2004. We had a mineral claim up an abandoned logging road just outside the village of Port Renfrew. One afternoon, I was alone at the trailer, my husband was working. I had to go to work myself in the afternoon, so I got in the truck and started driving down the old road. Not even a 100 meters away, I saw what at first I thought to be a bear, because we knew there was a big and also a smaller bear hanging in the area. So I started to stop the truck. It had come out of the bush from the left side of the road, where the land drops quit a bit, and when it got in the middle of the road, it froze, seeing my truck coming. Then he bolted towards the other side of the road, where there was a rock face.

There's actually an animal trail going up that rock, and also another abandoned road on top of it which is totally over grown. I remember freezing myself, because my brain couldn't understand what I was seeing. It was impossible a bear could just come out of the bush, standing up, walk on the road and then start running, still standing on two legs, and hop up the trail! It was dark brown, about 7 foot tall, walked like a man. I could see it clearly because by the time I stopped the truck, it wasn't even 20 meters away and it was on very a bright day. I saw it's face when it turned around to look at the truck. It really did look like Sasquatch depictions I have seen up to now. I remember getting of the truck and checking the road and up the trail if I could see anything. But I didn't find anything. I didn't hear or saw it again afterwards.

Thank you to the witness for a awesome sighting of the Sasquatch.

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