Thursday, July 26, 2012

Possible Sasquatch Encounter ?

Date:  Summer of 1977

Hello, I just read several stories regarding Sasquatch sightings in northern B.C. and Washington. After reading several different stories from different locations there was a few things that were consistent in most of them, that was surprisingly similar to an event I witnessed in the Summer of 1977.

I believe it was near Lake Samish area in Washington. I'm not positive on the exact location, but I can say it was on the Interstate 5 freeway heading north. I was with a friend of mine and at that time I was not quite 13 years old.

The day before this incident we had this brilliant idea to run away to California, I suppose it was one of those kid dreams that never come true, however on the night we left Delta, British Columbia, we made it to the Canada/U.S. border and slept somewhere close by, and when we woke we managed to sneak across the border and made our way through Blain, USA and by nightfall we were somewhere past Bellingham.

I recall there was a vast area of wilderness and it was miles to the next town . We had just been dropped off by some man that picked us up and recognized we were quite hungry, he bought us a meal somewhere just off the highway.

When we were through eating we continued walking down the side streets of Interstate 5 hitchhiking on the off ramps. It wasn't too long after that, when we decided to turn around and head for Canada realizing we wouldn't get far with no money.

As we were on the highway heading south in order to go to the border, we needed to cross the highway to the other lanes that were headed north.

So when traffic was clear we ran across one stretch of highway, then across the other to the far lane and running so fast we had to stop quite quickly or we would have ended up in the bushes that were scattered endlessly for miles behind a small chicken wired fence that stretched for miles along the highway path.

It was the only thing between the road and he forest.

As we came to a stop from dashing across the highway, it was as if we startled something that made a deep loud grunt sound and as I recall being in a frozen state of shock. Something very large and fast turned and headed into the trees.

I remember clearly that this thing trampled through the bushes over small trees, trampling over them like twigs. Whatever it was that we saw, was just as scared as we were. It's appearance was that of the bushes it was running through.

The next thing I recall was running down the highway as fast as I had ever ran before, my friend right behind me and we kept running until we were exhausted. For some strange reason we never talked about that event and its as if there was some kind of curse or vow of silence that was cast upon us.

The funny thing is and this is one that resembles that of many other sightings is that we never really saw what it looked like, its so hard to explain. We could hear the noise it made, we could feel the fear and see the whole thing unfold in front of our eyes, but no memory of any details.

The reason I say it blended in with the trees, it was as if it was part of the scenery, but unmistakably burrowed through the trees like twigs. I am curious to find out if humans somehow lose a moment in time or have memory lapses when frightened or in shock.

This would explain the stories of alot of people that know the event took place, and saw what happened, but go blank when trying to describe the animal or being they saw.

I think the mystery of the Sasquatch should be quietly researched and any concrete evidence that proves they exist should be kept private. Exposing the existence of these creatures will surely lead to their extinction.

For those whom have witnessed  these animals, they have the memory of a very rare event that should be kept from those who mean them harm much like the sasquatch, they just want to be left alone.

If someone was to have a UFO sighting that they claim was contact with beings from another world, I believe they would want that memory to be heard by a chosen few and would not want to impose any threat to another race or being that is just as curious about us as we are about them. Thank you.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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