Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sasquatch/Bigfoot Sighting On The Hart Highway Prince George British Columbia Area

Spring of 1997
I once lived on the Hart highway, in 1997 I undoubtedly seen a Bigfoot from 60-80 feet away. If you are interested to hear my experience please respond.
Additional Information:
In the spring of 1997 I was riding my motorcycle around my front yard. I turned my bike around 180 degrees and carried on to go to the edge of my property.
There were trails leading from the forest to the edge of my yard and a hundred meters from the Hart hwy. It was a sunny day, I looked up at a brush pile we had built next to a grown in trail.
It was then that I seen a large 2 legged hairy man with physical traits that were way to pronounced to be a modern Man.
Broad shoulders stubby head for the height,covered in blackish brown uneven hair. Similar color to a dark brown bear, but longer hair on body and unmistakably taller than even a black bear on it's hind feet.
This Bigfoot was staring at me, motionless at first, but then started to move slowly into a bent over crunched position and even looked down and back behind itself to observe footing if he needed to run.
This Bigfoot did not look startled or scared. I locked eyes with him for 20-30 seconds before crashing my bike in a shocked state as I was not watching what/where I was going in fears of what I had been seeing.
I only looked away for a moment due to the crash and the bigfoot was gone. There is no chance this was a bear, I know what I did see for a fact. The height was between 7-8 feet.
The feeling I got instantly when I realized I was in his presence was that he was watching me. Almost as if entertained, didn't run as I came towards him.
It wasn't until I crashed he turned and ran.(assumingly as he was gone.) If I could just compare to the black and white Bigfoot footage from the late 60s this was a bit less stout (more skinny) and more muscular with less dense of hair that was longer on torso and arms than the head.
Thanks for hearing my experience. If you have any questions for me I will never forget that day. Thanks.
Additional Information:
I lived nearly exactly one km on the other side of the welcome to Prince George provincial sign on the Hart hwy. The same road that goes to Salmon Valley.
On the same side of the road as the river.I will try to get you our old address. I told my dad I reported this to you and he told me a story about how he and my uncle smelled and heard what he believed to be a Bigfoot in the same year that I seen this during mushroom picking, however some distance up the road (away from town) between the road and the river.
I asked my uncle and he became very animated in recollecting his story. Neither of them is much of a bs'er so I do believe them.
Good luck as I'm sure more people who are lifetime residents have more stories to tell you as I am 100% sure of it's existence.

Please keep me posted on your investigation

I may be coming to horsefly lake so I may be able to show you with more detail.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. I have had sighting 10 years ago. I was 15 and we went on a hike up a mountain in jasper, Canada. A friend and my sister needed to go to the bathroom while on this
    Hike so we drifted into thicker bush. We have a camera that would go off if you hit it hard , so as we were running into the bush it went off and took a picture (trying to find it since Bigfoot hunting has become so popular) but it took a picture of what looks like a hairy thing standing on two feel with a head shapes like a ape. Will post if I find the picture

  2. I spent 16 years in pg. Much of my time was out in the deep bush. More than once i felt eyes on me when no obe was around. That kinda feelin that makes yer skin crawl. I believe you. They're out there.

  3. I was amazed when I read this and certainly believe we possibly saw the same creature.I was driving in 1996 from Prince George to Mackenzie on Hwy 97 and I know what I saw. Something big walked across the road maybe 1/2 km in front of my car from right to left. Was at least 7-8 feet tall. By the time I got to where it crossed had already gone down the other side of highway. I can't remember where exactly it was but it happened plain as day and I can still visualize it today. I got home and immediately told my family what I saw and they still remember it to this day as well. I have often thought of trying hypnosis to go back to that day and try relive it more vividly to describe it.