Monday, February 22, 2010

Possible Sasquatch/Bigfoot Tracks Found In South Central Maine ?

Date: February 2010 (Not sure of exact date)
Time: The tracks were found in the daylight hours.

Hello! I'm in south central Maine. I was walking through a field today (where no one walks) and found an odd trail. It looks just like the Sasquatch trails you see in other people's pictures. It is snowy, so the tracks remain (we haven't had snowfall for several weeks, so no telling how recent they are).

I also found fairly fresh poo, which looked like human poo, except was full of fibrous material and seeds. It didn't look like it came from a meat-eater and saw no sign of purified meat. Parts of it even had a reddish tone, as though some type of tree fruit was consumed. There was also some fuzzy hairs in it, but not throughout it. My guess is that it was hair from the creature who pooped there, or from a young that the adult bathed.

Should I go back and get the poo in a bag and send it for lab tests to determine where/what it came from? I would also take pictures (actually, didn't even think to snap some with my cell phone while out there today!). Can't imagine what else could make those prints. The footprints are about 5 feet apart, but are from a single foot, not like an animal running where several paws would land close to each other. It was pretty cool to see this. I even walked around and kept my eye out in the woods. They are not harmful beings, it would be kind of cool to see one. Will look forward to hearing back from you.

I will update the report if anymore information comes in.

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