Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night Of The Sasquatch Or Alien Beings Ontario Canada (Interview)

Date of experience: August 15, 2005 at 11.00 p.m.

I remember that night well. My dear friend Barry had just passed away the previous afternoon and the next night I made a fire in my Tipi for him. I took down my Medicine Bundle and my drum, as I sung his Spirit a song. I missed Barry so much already, it was a nice bright star lit night, the fire was comforting and I felt Barry was there too. Then I heard a grunt and another grunt, then something brushed the skin of my Tipi.

I looked out across the pond that looked upon my house, I didn’t see anything, then another loud snort grunt and now the Tipi skin shook. My first thought was, it was a bear. So I put more wood on the fire and put some long sticks in, to get them on fire so I could go out with a burning torch. I sat still for some time and heard nothing. "Good I thought, the bear was gone". I gathered up my things and got ready to leave.

I was not 10 feet from my Tipi when I heard a noise, I turned toward the Miskwaaziibi (Red River) - the river ran behind the Tipi and there on the river bank, in the moon light I could make out the shadows of 4-5 "beings", some stood 7-8 feet tall, or taller and others were shorter. Then I noticed the eyes, "they were reflective/like an animals eyes in the lights", some were red, some green, some yellow. I knew this was not a bear family, yet similar to standing bear/man. The fur on them was very long and shaggy, and the shoulders were sloped, some had long arms other stocky.

I then went back to my Tipi as it was closer than my home. I left all my things there, I just took my drum and my bundle. I decided I would drum my way up and I thought making a noise would scare them off. I got out and glanced over and they were still all there, only they had moved down some on the river bank, toward the big swamp. I made my way to the house, my heart just racing. I could still see some of them by the river. I went inside to tell the others of my encounter, but.

When I got to my back door, the first one to greet me was my daughter. "Mom, you better get in here, something is going on!" She seemed very frightened and very serious. My sons were also in quite a state and my little guy, Matty was crying. "There is black things all through the house". Yeah Robert said, "these black things are all over and they are really fast". I immediately lit my sage and purified the house, instant calm was back. The kids were really shook up and now I really wondered. What was the connection with the shaggy creatures, or where they there to tell me something was wrong in my house? This was so much to handle.

They did get my attention, so then I ventured up to the garage where my partner Mel was looking out the windows. As soon as I got to the garage, he spoke really excited, so much I had to calm him by yelling back! All he could say for some time was, "what were you doing in the Tipi". He seemed very frightened and was searching for answers, as was I. "All these black things have been around", "shadows, you know, very quick " and I felt his fear.

Well I was getting really tired and so overwhelmed again. We decided to light some sweetgrass and Mel went through the garage with it. I just wanted to tell someone what I had seen and then the kids were so upset, black things. I just felt I needed to get away to collect my thoughts.

So I stood out in the middle of our gravel country road (Edwina Dr.) it was around 11.00 pm by now and no one was on the road. Yet if a truck had come at this point, I would not have moved as when I was looking up into the heavens and praying for answers. I called Mel as I noticed 3 stars moving at the same pace. The other stars in the sky were not. The formation then inverted itself, but kept on moving in the same southern direction as if to get my attention. Then the 3 stars shone orange/yellow lights and it became very clear and I realized I was looking at a massive, I mean massive flat blue/black ship.

I felt I was looking under the great hull of a ship. It was majestic as it went very slowly (like a blimp, it just puttered along ) and disappeared over the tree line. Now I knew what we saw, but just how do you explain this. Seeing this, to me was much like a trauma and it has taken along time to write this (3 years, I am just talking of this now) and I will say, this was a trauma to see all this. Did I see the Sasquatch, and if I did, I do think that the Sasquatch is much like the hairy thing out of Star Wars, or Harry and the Hendersons. It really does look like a walking bear/man. I really think this is why all these sightings, foot prints, hair, but never a body or any evidence.

I know what it is to see such a thing and have no proof. The next day I went around my Tipi and nothing, yet they were there. I had heard them and felt them brush my Tipi and saw their eyes. I do believe the craft is a connection and is to me obvious. They are some sort of travelers and have a ride home or is this home? As for the black things flying through my home and garage. I have no idea, maybe some sort of energy that is very quick, but thank goodness for the sage and sweetgrass!

That night my little one’s slept well, I still had not told anyone the full story of my experience and would not for some time. This is another experience I will never forget, never.

Since this encounter, I have been contacted by a Dr. Boylan PHD, hoping to meet with him this year and a man who wrote a great book. "The Psychic Sasquatch", by Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis M.S., he called me from Duvall Washington to view my surrounding property (both have studied the Sasquatch for over 40 years) as well I was just interviewed on a radio show, by Producer Tom Biscardi of www.bigfootlive.com. Seeing this amazing being or family has me absolutely believing in the elders stories. As well see website: www.searchingforbigfoot.com.

A while ago I was called to facilitate at a conference up in Northern Canada. There I met a wonderful man (LeadingEarthMan) Dave Courchene Jr. said the Sasquatch represent honesty ~ to be honest with yourself, is to live in the spirit of how you were created. Never lie or gossip about each other. The more honest you are, the bigger you become as a person. Well said.

I was told to send them kindness and love as they can read your thoughts. I now feel honored our brother came to join me in my grief and brought the family, as well. When you see him, it must be an honor, they don't show themselves to much to anyone. I believe, send him/her your kind thoughts. Blessings ~ Miigwetch Sue.

You can listen free to the intervew Sue did on the Jeff Rense radio program: http://www.sightings.com/1pages/s_audioarchives.html

You can view Sue's site at: http://www.healingquest.ca/index.php

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