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Sasquatch Family And Black Creatures Spotted From My Apartment In North Surrey British Columbia

On January 1, 2004 about noon, the weather was clear and cold with a blanket of snow covering the whole area. I was living in a 17th. fl. apt. in N. Surrey. I am partially disabled, so don't go out much. To amuse myself if the weather was clear, I would watch the skiers over on the North shore mountains through high powered binoculars.
I was doing this January 1, but got bored and decided to see if I could see any animals on the mountain sides. On the mountain across from Port Moody, near the Hydro substation I noticed about half a dozen people apparently snowboarding in a large clearing, found out later it was the west end of the Westwood Plateau Golf Course.
To their left, almost directly under the high voltage power lines, is a small clump of trees next to a hill. On the north side of the trees I saw what appeared to be a large black stump. As I watched the people finished one run and started back up the hill, they apparently decided to go higher and started to veer over towards the clump of trees.
Suddenly the black stump separated into two huge humanoids, they appeared to stare momentarily at the people, then turned and moved off to the NNW into the trees on the north side of the clearing. They appeared to be about four times the size of the people, estimated 8 to 10 feet in height. 
I observed the people find the tracks and stand there for a few minutes apparently discussing the situation, the people then left back down the hill. The next day I was watching the clearing from daybreak in hopes of seeing something else. At approximately 10:00 a.m., I observed a very tall shaggy humanoid walk across the south side of the course and go into the small clump of trees. This individual appeared to be twice the height of the black creatures, perhaps 14 to 16 feet tall.
About half the height of the deciduous trees growing in the area. It had auburn, coloured hair approximately six inches long covering it’s body, looked very slender compared to the black guys. Like looking at the Wookie from Star Wars only far taller. Fog rolled in and for about a hour I couldn't see. The fog lifted just in time for me to see it leave the clump and head NNE across the clearing.
I reported every thing I was seeing to the late Graham Conway, I was hoping he might get it checked out as I could plainly see the trails they were making, snow was two or three feet deep when I first saw them. Graham told me later he hadn’t believed me, as he figured they were to close to the houses. I finally managed to get film for my camera and he was quite surprised to see the course was right up against the forest.
By then the snow had all melted. I continued to monitor the area until the first week in February. Last sighting was one of the black creatures walking east beside a sand trap on the south side of the course. During the five or so weeks I observed the area I saw a number of Deer, several Bears, the bears went into the clump of trees and within minutes came running back out.
Same thing, a number of dogs did, ran in apparently playing, ran out with tails between their legs. Towards the end of January I saw one of the black creatures walk across another section of the course and go into the trees, that afternoon I saw about half a dozen golfers show up with their carts. I watched them drive to where the black creature had been earlier, they stopped and got out and appeared to be looking at tracks, they left their carts and followed the same path across the course and into the trees.
They had no sooner gone from sight when I saw a large animal ran from the trees on the north side of the course. It appeared to be an Elk or antlerless Moose and it appeared to be fleeing from something and ran east down one of the cart paths. I glanced back at the trees just in time to see the large auburn haired creature standing there looking across the course to where I'd last seen the golfers.
It stared for about 30 seconds, walked about 20 feet then went back under the trees, I could still see him hiding there, seconds later what appeared to be his wife and son copied his movements, the female? appeared about a foot shorter than the male and what I presumed to be their son was about a foot shorter than her.
I was watching through my spotting scope when I saw them and could clearly see their ling shaggy hair. The black ones looked just like the creature from the Roger Patterson film. The beginning of March 2004, I drove to the area with my wife, she waited at the car while I attempted to walk in. I wanted to go into the clump of trees and see if there was any evidence, turned out it was farther than I thought maybe several hundred yards, ground was very uneven and sloped, I got about a hundred feet and chickened out, I took a photo and it turned out to have about the same perspective as I was getting through my binoculars only much clearer.
Their appears to be a large stump within that clump of trees so maybe the animals are hiding there. One thing that kind of creeped me out was that it was a dead zone, no noise, no birds, no wind and the feeling I was being watched. Had the same feeling up in the mountains near Port Alberni years ago and found Cougar tracks and when I retraced my foot steps.
Anyway I didn't care for the sensation and since I could barely walk retreated as quick as possible, that feeling lifted as soon as I got back on the road and safely in my car. I was keeping a running diary as to what, when and were I was seeing things but sent it all to Graham, also reported to BFRO bigfoot reports, they sent me a file number and that was that.
One thing I noticed when the tall Auburn haired guys were watching the people, they looked like they would be as tall as four golf carts piled on each other.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

Two Sasquatch Sightings In The Fraser Valley British Columbia

Good day, I read your entry on the Sasquatch Blog and it is very interesting. I am a firm believer in Sasquatch. I am from an Aboriginal Community in the Fraser Valley. I don’t know what you know or have been told by Sasquatch, but I know a bit about them.

Males are generally large and very muscly. I was coming back from my girlfriends house one night, and just before dark I was driving past one of my cousins house. I turned to look because something caught my eye, I seen a sasquatch probably about 7+ feet tall, it had long rough looking hair, thick tree trunk legs, massive torso and long fingernails.

I stopped my car to look, it turned around and took about 3 steps and was already deep in the bush.

Females are different. They usually have lighter, finer hair then the males. A couple weeks after the sighting of the male, I left my house to drop off some garbage at night, I was gone no more then 10 minutes and on my way home, I was pulling into my driveway and seen a female sasquatch.

As I pulled into the driveway, my lights flashed on her and she was very tall and more slender compared to the male I seen prior. She was crouched down and looking into my house through the window. She snapped around and looked at me, I stopped the car and she ran across the yard, across the Lougheed Hwy and over the dike through the slough.

The more you come to believe in Sasquatch, the more it seems they will show themselves to you. In our culture, we are told they are transformers/shape-shifters, which is why no one has ever been able to catch one. They are vegetarians, but do eat fish on occasion. You know when they are close because often they have a very foul odor, and they make a very loud cry sound that usually makes your hair stand up.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website: