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Possible Sasquatch Or ? Sighting On China Nose Mountain Outside Of Houston British Columbia (Pictures)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Posted by Brian.

Date:  August 6, 2013
Time:  Daytime.

Brian Vike’s Note: China Nose Mountain is just a short distance from Houston, so I jumped into the Jeep and took the drive out to the area. Beautiful and rugged country and certainly a great place for something odd to be hanging about.

I had gone to the area over 2 days, also ventured in from the backside of China Nose Mountain and was not able to find any signs of anything unusual, but one has to remember, covering the entire area is almost impossible to do for me.

I have heard from folks that an area from the non working Equity mine down Foxy Creek has produced sightings of Sasquatch. This area runs in behind China Nose Mountain. I am looking for others who have been witness to Sasquatch or anything else out of the norm for this area. Please do write to Brian Vike (Houston, B.C.) All your personal information says private. Thank you.

Here is a link to China Nose Mountain thanks to Houston Hikers.

Hi Mr. Vike:

 I live in Bellingham, Washington, and was visiting family this past week-end.

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, my mother, 2 cousins, and I just finished watching 2 other cousins, brother, and sister and  brother-in-law, climb to the top of Taszuul, aka China Nose Mountain, north-west of Burns Lake BC.

The photo below is of China Nose Mountain and taken by the people who had the encounter.

Attached is a picture and video of an encounter that really is unbelievable. We noticed what we initially thought was someone ascending the face of the mountain.  At first, we cited another climber, but with the rapid climb, we figured a goat, but there are no black goats.

We yelled to those on the mountain and then texted our cousin that whatever it was, it was heading upward close to their area quickly. Whatever it was stopped.

Three of us had cameras and interestingly, 3 out of four had immediate trouble with their cameras. One was having trouble and shaking.

Photo Left: Another shot of China Nose Mountain and surroundings.

We thought Sasquatch? Alien? Who is going to believe us and decided to go up the road to pick berries and when we returned, that figure was gone. Many do not believe us when we share our experience.

Few state four witnesses could not be discounted and urged me to review your website, and provide you with my photo and video. My hope is you can corroborate our story. I believe my cousins would also be willing to share their pictures and/or video with you.

This is not a hoax and if you wish to contact me, you can respond to this message or contact me at (phone number removed). My cousin’s photo is much better and these ones may be the ones taken beforehand, but please review.

Since I am on vacation it’s much better to contact me via email.


Additional Information And Photos:

Hi, I'm back in Washington. We had an MVA in Fraser Lake and are fine, but shaken.

I don't believe that picture shows the black object we saw. I think that might be a crevasse. What we saw was larger than the people on top and it was ascending. It wasn't a crevasse nor was it a shadow.

The photo below shows one of the women pointing in the area where they saw the figure on China Nose Mountain. 

 I hope it is identified. The best that can be done is to cross reference it and the videos with a recent photo.

On the same note, I’m an RN of 19 years and before I left B.C. in 2002 to travel, I hiked atop with my sister and brother. Atop the first climb in a grassy area in the tree-line.

I was the first to get to that point, I heard the bush move and a huge thump that my sister and I both felt. We thought it was a bear or goat, but I turned around and told the others to hurry and didn't want to scare them. My sister saw the scared look in my eyes and also felt this movement on the earth

I’m sending another photo, I think the object is smaller than that crevasse looking thing that looks like a climber.

Brian Vike
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Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


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