Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Naugatuck, Connecticut Bigfoot Or Something Else ?

Posted: June 4, 2008

Date: June 3, 2008
Time: 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.

Message: I don't want to sound fanatic and hopefully there is a good explanation to all this. I live in Connecticut and not sure what I heard last night at approx. 1:30 a.m. The backyard of my home faces the woods. My backyard is several yards from a sharp ravine that slopes down to into the woods and to a stream. Not too far from the stream is a reservoir located in a wooded area. With my window open last night, I heard what was like a whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop sound coming from the woods in the back of my house. At the same time, I heard a loud pitch screeching noise more near my house that nearly shook me out of bed. It seemed liked the screeching sound was closer to my home than the whooping sound. I know the woods could house many wild animals due to the stream in the back.

I haven't got the foggiest clue what I'm hearing back there. Another time, my husband and I heard sounds in the wee hours of the morning what sounded like sounds coming from a jungle (almost like a large bird). But it seemed like there were two of these things communicating with each other. Do you think these are animals instead of birds. I don't know of any birds awake at 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Thanks for your help.

Additional Information:

Thank you for your response. My county is Naugatuck. The woods is adjacent to our stretch of homes in the back of our park. Unfortunately, I didn't have a recorder handy, but neither was I expecting this type of event. I asked my neighbor if she heard anything last night (June 3, 2008) but she heard nothing. She did say at times she hears strange animal noises but not to this liking. I would like to explore the ravine for footprints, but it's so steep and dangerous. Do you think a large animal similar to Bigfoot could be present in the area? It's kind of strange, but the whooping sound almost sounded mechanical instead of humanlike. I know we have a water treatment plant in back of the stream, but I don't think the sound came from the plant. I will keep a tape recorder handily just in case another sound pops up.

Also, just another piece of information, a couple of weeks ago, I heard some strange noises (between a clicking and cawing, different sound, but hard to explain) coming from woods in my backyard. This happened same time around 1:30 -2:00 a.m. It sounded like these two 'things' were calling out to each other from a distance. I really didn't pay much attention to these noises, but since last night's episode, I'm rather curious now. Hope I'm not alone hearing these things. Please let me know. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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  1. My friend and I have been hunters for a while and we have heard similar screeching noises. We live in Connecticut as well. We live around the Pachaug area and have heard some noises that do not sound like animals native to Connecticut (coyotes, turkeys, deer, foxes, etc).

    1. 99.9% you heard the fisher. Which is increasing in population in Connecticut

  2. My wife first heard the whoop whoop noise in October in southern Il. between 1 & 3 in the morning with some type of growl.
    Very weird I have hunted all my life and never heard this. Heard this noise again in Dec 2011 around 10 at night and answered it with the same whoop noise. It responded back one time and I cannot understand what it was. Almost sounded ape like?

  3. I'm a producer on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot." We have come to Connecticut and are traveling all over the state to talk to residents about possible experiences or sighting they have had. If you have any experiences you would like to share, or if you would like information about the "Town Hall" Meeting, please send an email to

    1. Carrie Hubbard did you alreaady come to ct on "Bigfoot", or are you still coming. There was a recent sighting in Litchfield CT. Also wondering if you have gone to Old Forge, NY. If not would you be going in the future. There was a sighting there by some hunters and on Nov. 24th 2012 about 4 A.M. I heard three knocks on a tree or wood that I have never heard before. I thought maybe it was two bucks fighting, but it did not sound like horns hitting. I got up and looked towards the sound, but didn't see anything.

  4. Any sightings in or around the waterbury area?

    1. Waterbury CT Yes by Route262 I was going home about 3:15 A.M july of 2012

    2. My son was driving a scooter one night along side Rifle Range Pond off of Thomaston Ave (past the MVD) and close to the Mattatuck trail. He said something huge came out of the woods and chased him and he said it was really fast. He said it ran on 2 feet. I have photographed at Rifle Range Pond with my back to those same woods and I know I heard something large in those woods. I ran to my car and took off. It was after this happened to me that my son had this weird experience in the same place. I only know I don't want to go back to photograph alone and when I heard the animal sounds it was broad daylight. On the contrary, when my son was driving his scooter (to a friend's house) it was dark.

  5. I have heard strange sounds in the Plymouth,Ct area on the Mattatuck Trail in the state forest at night this is a dense area hilly and very heavy wooded ,this is only about 10 minutes away from Waterbury,Ct Plymouth is like a whole different state not very populated ,the sounds I heard were not coyotes or owls I the best way for me to describe them is like a grunting sound with higher pitches ,I'VE been in very heavy woods throughout the state and never heard sounds like this before I'm a fairly large man but the noise scared me I walked as fast I could back to my truck. regards Dave my email address is

  6. I am willing to haunt for bigfoot if saomeone wants to help I have my # call 860-357-8561 ask for dave.

    1. Hi I was the person who wrote the artical about Plymouth I heard the sounds in September of 2012 about 1/12 miles into my hike I try to hike to a cave on the trail I'm believer of Bigfoot and think there is some out there ,even Jane Goodall said that there's no question that Bigfoots exist I would be interested in looking my name is Dave and my email address is

  7. Hi I,m the gut who published the story about hearing the sounds in Plymouth ,Ct. I live in Waterbury,ct. and heard those sounds in September of 2012, I often hike on the Mattatuck trail were I hike to see a cave in that area,I'm a believer of Bigfoot and may be interested in looking ,even Jane Goodall says that there's no question that Bigfoots exist look on youtube I would be interested in looking please email me. Thanks my name is also Dave email address

  8. Loud loud moans behind my house in Eastern Ct.
    About a year and a half ago. Summer time.

    25 yards from my window. Around 2 or 3 am.
    Got up to go to the bathroom.
    They were loud enough to be heard over the fan in the bathroom.
    I shut off the fan. Opened the window over looking the wooded area behind the house.
    More moans.
    I live on a hill.
    It echoed over the entire area. Couldn't identify, or believe what the heck I was hearing!

    Deep,and loud. Maybe each stretched out for 4 or 5 seconds.
    Then the moans started to end, with what sounded like a very loud woodpecker.
    Rapid sound. Either teeth chattering, or whacking on one of the trees?
    If not for the moans, I'd say it was a woodpecker. Though I've never heard them in the middle of the night.
    Ive heard woodpeckers before. Never that loud!!

    I was totally confused by this. It went on for about 3 minutes. Could see nothing. Pitch black.
    When there was some silence,I
    ran downstairs and got the flash light. I opened up the back slider.
    Sounds stopped. Nothing. The light stunk. Barely lit up the edge of the woods.

    It was loud enough,and close enough, I decided to shut the door.
    My aprehension overcame my curiosity.
    What was that?
    Probably never know.
    I assume a bear?
    There have been bear sightings here.
    Of course,there was a possible bigfoot sighting in Thompson a few years back. I'm 30 minutes or so from there.
    Also one just over the Rhode Island line, about 20 minutes from here. In 2011 I think.
    A year earlier my daughter, wife and I were at the playground at the school.
    Joking around, I let out a big loud, Bobo-like groan.

    Some houses within a half mile. Woods surrounding the school. It's pretty rural all around. Farms and woods. Homes too.

    Well, we heard a loud groan back!
    Maybe 300 yards or so from us. It was so surprising.
    We stared at eachother. Laughed and brushed it off.
    Right? It had to be a person.
    For the record. Without talking about it. We all agreed to go home a few minutes later.

    Both these incidents stay there in my memory very clearly.
    But probably like most, I think there's got to be a logical explanation of course.
    But they were very real. Whatever made those noises.
    Something did.
    I've since purchased a military flash light.
    Next time I'll be ready!