Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sasquatch Lifts Truck Onto It’s Side North Of The Strathcona Dam Campbell River Vancouver Island British Columbia

I live in Campbell River Vancouver Island British Columbia and have had experiences like that person had. You wouldn’t believe I will not go into the woods alone anymore, not even in my truck.

I had my truck lifted and placed on the passenger side one night while parked waiting for a friend just north of the Strathcona Dam right on the Gold River Highway.

Whatever it was ran right back into the bush where it had come from and screamed exactly like the guys on the “Finding Bigfoot” show. I took off right away and called the police and all I got was laughed at since there was no damage done to my truck.

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  1. I was camping alone on the night of March 20th 2013, Wednesday night last week in the campground below the Strathcona Dam mentioned in the report above. I was the only person in the campground that night and sometime in the middle of the night something hit my camper. I assumed it was a branch falling from a tree, but when I went outside there were no trees around my RV and no wind. I threw a bunch more firewood on the fire to scare off whatever might be out there and had apparently 'thrown' something at the RV. A couple more things hit my RV later on that night, but I was way to terrified to look outside.

    1. I have sent my Campbell River siting to Brian some time ago. It appears the sitings are increasing and the message hasn't gotten to the people. The controllers have brainwashed the people that these physical beings don't exist; yet, reality for many are leaning more to reality. Dimensional jumpers or ninja masters you call it what you will. Since; my experiance(s) back in 76/77 and being open regarding these grand creatures, all I can say is leave them to their ever diminishing space. Respect them and maybe they will respect you. The elite government controllers know their lineage; it's a underground issue, believe it or not.