Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sasquatch/Bigfoot Tracks Found And Filmed In British Columbia (New Pictures)

Posted: March 10, 2009

I figured I would just give a short update on the new Sasquatch goings on in Moricetown, British Columbia. I posted a note yesterday, March 9, 2009 that informed everyone that I had received a call about a Sasquatch in Moricetown, B.C. The date of the incident was on March 8, 2009. I mentioned in my post that I would make the drive to Moricetown today, which is the 10th of March. Well, I gathered everything I needed up yesterday and made the 1 hour 30 minute run to Moricetown. Since the roads were in excellent driving conditions, I figured I better get out there before more bad weather covered the area.

It was a sunny day yesterday, blue sky and what a beautiful drive through the valley looking up at the snow covered mountain peaks. It really was a good day to head out.

Anyway, I arrived at the home where the possible Sasquatch/Bigfoot tracks were discovered and met a really nice lady who had discovered the foot prints.

We chatted a while, also there were three family members there and we eventually headed into the thick forested area to look at the tracks.

I was able to view tracks from a Moose and something else which was really interesting.

There was certainly no question in my mind that what I was looking at were tracks of something that walked on two legs, large foot prints that were not just in a small area, but rather this thing traveled a great distance. Matter of fact the length of the stride of this creature was something else, on a sharp incline (downhill slope) this creature had walked up the hill in about a foot and a half of snow, sinking down with every step it took. When one sees the distance between the foot prints, this creature had some long stride. I have all the measurements for this and for the tracks themselves.

I did mention that I was told there was some scat found close to the area, this ended up being a ways away from where the tracks were and appeared to be dog scat.

I took a whole whack of photos of the foot prints, I just brought my email in and received more photos from the lady who discovered them. Also we found in one of the foot prints (I would say the back of the heel) blood. Hair was found, but I am not sure about this at this time, possibly a hair from a Moose (?) So a very interesting area for sure, there were visual sightings of a Sasquatch in this area in 2008, some reported and others I had no idea about the sightings.

In one close encounter, a Sasquatch picked up two large rocks and banged them together, this I guess was to frightened off a witness who was walking along the road. So alot coming very soon.

Also I wanted to make a note that any of the samples I got from being in the field yesterday will be shipped to my good friend Barb Campbell a Forensic Investigator for Unexplained Animal Deaths. Barb's website can be found at: Web: www.uadresearch.com

Also Barb and myself will be investigating the area this summer as our Sasquatch/Bigfoot expedition will get underway. Barb and I will be filming this, interviews with eyewitnesses in which more folks have come forward and alot more.

Hope to have things posted very soon.

Take care
Brian Vike
Director of HBCC UFO Research
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