Sunday, March 29, 2009

British Columbia Sasquatch Tracks In The Snow/Hair Sample Results

Posted: March 29, 2009

On March 11, 2009 Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research posted a "report" on tracks/large footprints that were found in Moricetown, British Columbia by Melvina Nazeil. I ran out to the area, met Melvina and was shown the tracks in the snow. For me, there was no doubt in my mind that something large and unusual traveled through her Mother's property. Photos were taken, also a hair and blood sample collected from the scene.

Thank you to Barb Campbell, (UAD Research) the hair sample results are in. Barb did up a good report on her findings which identified the hair belonging to a Moose. I did mention this in my written report, that maybe the hair came from a Moose, but still I had no fact to say this was so and this had to be checked out in case it did turn out to be a hair from something else.

As for the blood sample, seeing the hair was found in one track along with the droplets of blood, we decided to hold off in having the blood analyzed. Mainly due to the costs and the area blood was found in. I guess if I personally had strong feelings about the blood possibly coming from something else, one might go ahead with testing, but seeing evidence is pointing towards a Moose, at least with regards to the hair sample, so pressing on with an expensive venture to have the blood tested, not going to happen at this time.

Link to analyzed results for hair sample. PDF format.

No matter what, there has been no explanation for what made all the large tracks/footprints in the snow.

Again, I would like to extend my many thanks to Barb Campbell, (UAD Research) for getting the hair sample analyzed.

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