Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cree Lake, Saskatchewan Sasquatch/Bigfoot Tracks

Posted: May 17, 2009

I took a telephone call from a gentleman who had been to his cabin in the Cree Lake, Saskatchewan area. It was on May 10, 2009 that he came across human like footprints which measured 18 inches in length and approximately 8 inches in width. Pictures were taken and the fellow said he would get the photos to me over the next few days.

I will update as soon as possible.

Brian Director of HBCC UFO Research.

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  1. August 2012
    Location: Bear River, @ Saskatchewan
    My younger sister just told me a very interesting story. The story is that she and a few other relatives were camping at an area where they go harvest wild mushrooms each year. During the day they found very large footprints and the being was in their camp and ate some soup that was left in a cooking pot. When they looked in the pot, they found the soupit to be extremly oily. During the night their dog was barking at about 1:00 a.m. and she could smell the strong odor, like a musty unwashed animal. While she was telling this story I recollected that back on 2006 of December a young lady spotted a Saskquatch like creature by Torch River. Now Torch River and Bear River are only separated by several miles apart. Sounds interesting to me to share this story with you.